ANTIKMAUER - versatile and timeless

Whether straight or curving – give your garden the shape you want.

The rough-cut facing on the front and back of the stone gives both the walling stone and (matching) cover slab its weathered look. With its trapezoidal shape, the "Antikmauer" stone can be used to construct both straight and curving walls.

Design ideas

Thanks to the cavity in the middle, the "Antikmauer" stone weighs just 9.9 kg, making light work of wall-building. Thanks to its narrow width of just 20 cm, our "Antikmauer" stone is also ideal for ‘facing’ existing walls or creating masonry boundary walls. For working instructions, please see our Downloads.

To top off the wall, you are spoilt for choice: you can either use the matching "Antikplatte" or instead opt for planting out the top course of the wall or filling it with decorative stones.

Cover slabs

Christoph Antik-Abdeckplatte

Our "Antikplatte" is the matching cover slab for our "Antikmauer" stone. It is also a simple and effective step or stepping stone.


  Antikmauer Antikplatte
L x B x H: 40/33 x 20 x 10 cm 40/33 x 20 x 5 cm
weight: 9,85 kg 7,50 kg
piece/palett: 84 84
requirements: 27,40/m² 2,74/running meters
filling volume: 2,50l  

L=length, B=width, H=height


Please note that the colours on actual products may differ to those shown on your screen. The product photos are only intended to show the colours available and do not perfectly replicate the real-life colour shade.


Quantity calculator

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