C-LINE - The elegant brick-effect wall system

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern wall with clean, straight lines, we have the new C-Line system for you: a walling stone as a hollow brick weighing just 15 kg for easy handling, plus matching cover in a contemporary ‘cement screed’ finish.

The inner edge of the walling stone is raised by 1.5 cm to create horizontal joints and a visually ‘relaxed’ front face to the wall.  Alternatively, the C-Line wall can also be constructed using just the cover blocks – the effect here is then a heavier, solid-looking wall.

The versatile C-Line is a great choice as a contemporary wall for plot boundaries and BBQ areas, privacy screening for effective use of light, steps or for a stylish bench seat. Notches are provided in the walling stone to help lay the bricks and as cutting guides for half-bricks (for the start/end bricks in a staggered layout).

Design ideas

To lay the bricks, simply use a fixing adhesive approved for outdoor use. The adhesive can also be applied to the elevated inner wall – this makes it easy to avoid any runs of glue appearing on the surface.

The outer edges of the C-Line wall are angled very slightly outwards: this ensures that rain does not pool in the joints but quickly runs off again and drains away.

Constructing a small set of stairs with boundary walling is a straightforward project. Using the hollow stone combined with the cover stone creates a brick wall effect; LED lighting strips can also be run into and along the joints as desired. Alternatively, a small set of stairs can also be built using just the cover stones for a ‘heavier’ look. The example shown creates a step height of 18.5 cm with a step width of 25.0 cm. We recommend gluing the individual layers with an outdoor approved mounting adhesive.

Cover slabs


Cover slabs

The C-Line cover slab fits flush to the C-Line walling stone. Alternatively, the C-Line wall can also be constructed using just the cover blocks – the effect here is then a heavier, solid-looking wall.


  C-Line-Mauer C-Line-Platte
L x B x H: 50 x 25 x 10 cm 50 x 25 x 8,5 cm
weight: 15 kg 22 kg
piece/palett: 42 42
requirements: 20/m². 2/running meters
filling volume: 5l  

L= lenght, B= width, H= height


Please note that the colours on actual products may differ to those shown on your screen. The product photos are only intended to show the colours available and do not perfectly replicate the real-life colour shade.

Quantity calculator

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Please note that the calculator only approximates the quantity needed. Quantities required for start/end blocks and wastage must also be taken into account.

Our general installation and working instructions (see Downloads) must also be always consulted as regards possible heights, footing requirements, etc. Quantities accepted by this calculator may not be acceptable for a structural survey.


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