KABEL-SCHLAUCH-KANAL - for the easy routing of cables and hoses

An end to unsightly cables and hoses in the garden.

Our "Kabel-Schlauch-Kanal" makes it easy for you to route power cables, aerial cables and hosepipes around your garden, patios, paths and paved areas. You avoid dangerous trip hazards while also saving the time wasted by coiling and uncoiling power cables (e.g. for lighting, equipment, pond pumps, etc.).

Design ideas

Our "Kabel-Schlauch-Kanal" makes it easy for you to lay electrical cables and hosepipes quickly and inexpensively.

Typical applications:
Routing of hosepipes, routing of aerial cables to summerhouse, LED cabling for lighting patios, decking, house and grounds, supply lines for water features, camera surveillance cabling, power distribution lines. Also usable as an underground conduit.

Diameters of max. 2.9 cm can be installed and concealed.
For closing off the conduit top, you have a wide choice of options: our 22 × 10 cm "Maehstein" or "Pali-Maehstein", available in many colours, are the perfect choice and blend in with the rest of our range. Or you can also cover the "Kabel-Schlauch-Kanal" with granite slabs or wooden elements.

And if you need to include another length of cable or hose at a later point in time, it’s very simple to make the change: just remove the cover, lay the cable or hose and replace the cover – and you’re done!

For detailed working instructions, please see our Downloads.



L x B x H: 20 x 12,2 x 5,9 cm
weight: 2,05 kg
piece/palett: 351

Width of recess: above 7 cm, below 4 cm
Depth of recess: 2,9 cm

L=length, B=width, H=height


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