Pali Mähstein

ROBOT MOWER EDGING SLAB - For more free time in the garden

The `low-maintenance` garden done properly!

Would you like to spend more time relaxing and less on garden chores? While robot lawnmowers or ride-on mowers spare you a lot of effort, there are even bigger savings to be made: edge your lawn area with the new robot mower edging slab (even curves are possible) and avoid any spaces on your lawn that the mower misses and still need to be clipped by hand afterwards. Please consult your manufacturer specifications for details of the area not mown by your own model. Once you’ve laid your new robot lawnmower edging slab, your work is done: your robot now mows the entire lawn area, the lawn always looks tidy all over, and you can spend all that free time doing something much more rewarding!


The 24 cm width also means the slabs are suitable for sit-on mowers.




Design ideas

Depending on the model of your robot lawnmower, a strip of lawn of varying widths will be missed by the robot, especially in front of fixed obstacles (such as walls, picket or other fencing, gabions, etc.). These strips will need to be regularly clipped afterwards by hand or with a handheld lawn trimmer.
The new robot lawnmower edging slab has a width of 24 cm. Once laid at the edges and in front of obstacles, you simply need to route the boundary wire for your robot lawnmower model to follow the slabs precisely and most robots will then be able to mow the entire lawn area. (Please consult your manufacturer specifications for details of the area not mown by your own model.)
The special shape of the robot lawnmower edging slab means it can also be laid in a round or curved path. So now all you need to do is choose the right colour to match your garden colour scheme and off you go…


Have a ride-on mower rather than a robot?

Even with this approach, there will still be strips of long grass left at the lawn’s edges – e.g. in front of large obstacles or your pond – which the mower’s blades cannot reach. Instead, use the new robot lawnmower edging slab at these places in your garden: simply lay the slabs around the obstacle and you can then drive over them, since they have a generous width of 24 cm.
This means the entire lawn area can be mown and your lawn will look well cared-for all over (before laying slabs, please consult your manufacturer specifications to find out your mower’s blade width).


  Robot Mower Edging Slab
L x B x H: 15 x 24 x 4,2 cm
weight: 3,1 kg
piece/palett: 400
requirements: 6,67/running meters

L= lenght, B= width, H=height


Please note that the colours on actual products may differ to those shown on your screen. The product photos are only intended to show the colours available and do not perfectly replicate the real-life colour shade.