Christoph Mähsteine

Robot Mower L-Stone - as a „3 in 1“ product

Our new Robot Mower L-Stone is an innovative combination of our robot lawnmower edging slab and lawnmower edging stone – a tidy way to keep your beds and lawn apart with a modern, stylish upstand. The robot lawnmower has 24 cm of space to manoeuvre before the upstand, which means most models can mow the lawn right along the edge. (Please consult your manufacturer specifications for details of the edge area not mown by your own model.)

When installed vertically, the new Robot Mower L-Stone can also be used as a mini L stone (with a height of 29 cm) in a retaining wall for small slopes or for laying under bar grate fencing units. Lastly, it can also be used as a corner step element.

Design ideas


  Robot lawnmower Mini L stone
L x B x H: 24,5 x 29 x 15 cm 24,5 x 15 x 29 cm
weight: 8,9 kg 8,9 kg
piece/palett: 128 128
requirements: 4,09/rm. 4,09/rm.

L=length, B=width, H=height


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