Give your wood long-term protection from moisture!

Our innovative "Streifen-Fundament" has been specially designed for the substructures of decking made from wood or WPC. The blocks feature ventilation grooves to ensure that the wooden boards they support can dry out continuously, to extend the life of your wood.

Design ideas

The "Streifen-Fundament" elements can be used to construct a new patio or decking, or can be used to replace an existing structure if necessary.

After laying the "Streifen-Fundament" elements in place, you only need to place the substructure beams into the recesses provided. These wooden crossbeams are laid every 50 cm (= "Streifen-Fundament" length). Different distances are also possible, however: for details of possible superstructures, please see our Downloads.


  Streifen-Fundament 2 recesses
L x B x H: 50 x 15 x 7,2 cm width 75 mm for wood until 70 cm
weight: 7,70 kg width 50 mm for wood until 45 mm
piece/palett: 160  

L=length, B=width, H=height


Easy installation of the substructure for decking with the "Streifen-Fundament" from Christoph.